2022 Stallion Leaders in North America

Reports about how the year of 2022 showcased some of the fastest miles and greatest triumphs for the offspring of harness racing’s top stallions.

Among the pacers, the list of top three stallions by all-age earnings sports the same stallions for the third year in a row with Bettors Delight in the lead. His progeny racked up gross earnings of $25,571,406 from 625 starters over the 2022 season. A slight variation in 2022 from that of 2020 and 2021 places Captaintreacherous in second with $18,671,108 from 310 starters over Somebeachsomewhere with his $17,973,691 and 360 starters.

Two-year-olds by Captaintreacherous lead the 2022 ranks with $4,099,344 by 88 starters. With earnings of $1,013,510 from five starters, State Treasurer bested Captaintreacherous by average earnings per start of $202,702 compared to “The Captain’s” $46,583. In total earnings, Sweet Lou amassed $3,318,076 from 75 starters, averaging $44,241 per start. Downbytheseaside ranked third among stallions of two-year-olds with $2,691,517 from 74 starters, averaging $36,371 per start.

Downbytheseaside sophomores banked the greatest sum for the year with $6,844,484 out of 90 starters, leading Captaintreacherous with $6,158,085 and 65 starters. Captaintreacherous ranked second above Downbytheseaside for three-year-old average earnings per start with $94,739 compared to “Seaside’s” $76,049. Three-year-olds by Somebeachsomewhere surpassed both of those stallions in averages with $1,977,744 earned with 14 starters, totaling an average of $141,267 per start. In total earnings, the crop from Huntsville finished third with $4,585,859 from 91 starters.

Chapter Seven once again claimed the title for leading money winning sires for all-age trotters in 2022 with 195 starters accumulating $13,257,642. Muscle Hill ranked second with $11,376,623 from 206 starters while Walner climbed the ranks this season to take third with 127 starters acquiring $10,946,712.


Walner leads the ranks for sires of both two and three-year olds in 2022. The freshman crop by Walner collected $4,323,454 from 65 starters. Chapter Seven ranked second with 56 starters earning $3,395,817 for an average of $60,639 per start. With earnings of $2,491,630 from 55 starters, Muscle Hill ranked third among sires of two-year-olds. Average earnings per starter for Muscle Hill was $45,302.

Walner took the title for trotting sires by average earnings of two and three-year-olds, although pacing stallion Downbytheseaside had one trotting starter earning $89,720. Among trotting stallions, Walner was best with an average of $66,514 per start, ahead of Resolve’s average of $66,447 per start after 17 starters banked $1,129,608. Chapter Seven rounded out the top three as his 56 freshmen earned $3,395,817 to average $60,639.

Three-year-olds by Walner accrued $6,623,258 from 62 starters, leading the average with $106,826 per start. Chapter Seven finished second in the rankings with $6,299,440 from 61 starters, averaging $103,269 per start, while Muscle Hill finished third with $4,281,952 earned from 62 starters for an average of $69,063 per start.

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