About ASBA

The Australian Standardbred Breeders Association (ASBA) was established in 1992/93 as the Peak National Body of State Breeders Associations.

ASBA is a non-profit industry Body established for the benefit of the Standardbred Breeding Industry.

ASBA is comprised of one (1) Representative Member from each State, who have State Voting Rights for meetings and governance. 

At the 2013 AGM, BOTRAs from South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania were also admitted to Membership.

The Executive Group is comprised of

President, David Hayes – TAS

Vice President, Jeanine Diederich – WA

Treasurer- Kirk Pinner Tas.

ASBA is recognized by all State Controlling Bodies as the National Breeding Industry Body. It is currently funded by contributions by State Controlling Bodies on a pro-rata basis, linked to the quantum of foaling numbers in each State. 

ASBA takes a leadership role on issues of national significance, such as Quarantine, Bio-security, Animal Welfare, Taxation, Disaster relief (flood, drought etc.) and other matters relevant and advanced by State Breeding Associations for their participants at the National level.

ASBA contributes to Equine Breeding, Animal Welfare, Registration and  National Horse Traceability Implementation Taskforce. It also participates on Task Forces and Working Groups on matters related to Breeding, for example on Artificial Breeding on issues relating to Semen Transportation and Embyro Transfer etc.

ASBA Delegates maintain regular teleconferences/phone, email contact to conduct business. In addition, “face to face” contact occurs annually at ASBA’s Annual General Meeting, with the venue rotated between the States

ASBA Executive Board

ASBA Executives & State delegates

David Hayes ASBA President Tasmnaia
Kirk Pinner Treasurer
Daren Garrard Qld BOTRA President
John Campbell Victorian Delegate
Jeanine Diederich WASBA President & ASBA Vice President
Flora Robson NBNSW President
John Coffey ASBA Breeding Consutant
Dr Tony Britt (rightVet & ASBA’s Bio Security Consultant) ASBA