Long time ASBA supporter, Rod Pollock new Life Member of HBV

In a unanimous decision by the whole of the HBV committee, the late Rod Pollock has been recognised with a posthumous Life Membership to the association.

Rod was also a great supporter of Australian Standardbred Breeders Association (ASBA), he attended may AGM’s with advice and helped develop ASBA’s constitution and policy and procedures, and was a supporter of the 2011 Australian Standardbred Breeding Panel report of 2011 which is still very much relevant today.

Rod, who passed away in 2021, served on the HBV committee for several years including as secretary in 2014-15 and was fundamental in the development of the Association’s new model rules and constitution. As a keen breeder, particularly of squaregaiters, Rod was dedicated to the the development of industry administration, holding the role of Keeper of the Stud Book and being instrumental in the introduction of DNA typing.

Story from HBV & contribution from  Gary newton ASBA

Rod Pollock