What benefits has the Eureka bought to solve the breeding issue?

We are less than two months away from the second running of the TAB Eureka, which Australian Breeders fund via Harness Racing Australia’s (HRA) imposed stallion levy.

As part of selling this very unpopular levy, HRA’s CEO Andrew Kelly stated that race will drive prices skyward at yearling sales, increase the number of foals, and increase the popularity of locally bred stallions among breeders.

Rough estimates show that none of the three promises has eventuated; in fact, breeders have just walked away. Yearling sales, while the top end has been steady, breeders are struggling to recoup costs, and most middle-range yearlings are struggling to make much over service fees, which evokes a sense of shared struggle.

It’s a stark reality that foal numbers have not increased as many smaller breeders quit or reduced the number of mares they serve yearly.

While colonial-bred stallions have good results on the racetrack, breeders are hardly flocking to book them.

The most concerning news for HRA and the industry, in general, is the significant decline in waging, a trend that needs to be addressed.