Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) is thrilled to announce a significant amendment to the Breed NSW payment structure, a collaborative effort undertaken in partnership with Harness Breeders NSW. 

This adjustment is poised to enhance liquidity within the market, providing breeders with the means to reinvest capital into the breeding industry during the current and upcoming season(s).

In alignment with HRNSW’s soon-to-be-announced Strategic Plan, this change reflects the organisation’s dedication to fostering a robust breeding ecosystem in the state. By streamlining the payment process, this modification allows breeders to claim the Breed NSW Live Foal Payment before the microchipping process, making it more efficient and accessible for all parties involved.

Maintaining the highest standards of integrity remains a top priority for HRNSW. To ensure that integrity measures are upheld, a comprehensive verification and notification system has been put in place, safeguarding the integrity of our breeding programs.

Peter Buckman, CEO of HRNSW, expressed his gratitude to the Harness Breeders NSW Association for their collaboration in making this transformative change possible. Together, they are committed to strengthening the breeding industry in the region and providing breeders, owners, and stakeholders with enhanced opportunities for success.

This amendment signifies HRNSW’s commitment to proactive initiatives aimed at fostering growth and resilience within the industry. It is a crucial step in the journey towards achieving the goals outlined in the forthcoming Strategic Plan.

HRNSW invites all stakeholders, breeders, and industry enthusiasts to embrace this positive change, which galvanises a bright future for the breeding industry in NSW. The Updated Breed NSW Terms and Conditions can be accessed here.