Changes to the studbook

Harness Racing Australia is about to publicly announce changes to the studbook and its not good news for breeders Australia wide.

First change is a once off fee of $500 fee to every stallion registered in the studbook. Not too bad!

Then a fee on foals born by either colonial stallions standing in Australia or stallions domiciled here that do not shuttle back to North America or Europe. (i.e., Art Major).

However, shuttle stallions that come to Australia, will incur an 8% fee based on the advertised service fee for each live foal, payable by the stud and invoiced in around May the following year. (i.e., a service fee of 10,000 will incur an 8% fee $800).

As all breeders know generally studs give a percentage of service fee between 10 and 20%, I would imagine that will become a thing of the past.

But wait it gets worse, if you go to a Frozen Semen Pacing Stallion the fee is 15% of the advertised service fee.

No one including HRA like the word “TAX “so they have produced another plan to slug the breeders of Australia.

Their new stallion registration structure will include a 15% levy on the advertised service fee of frozen semen for pacing stallions and an 8% levy on the service fee of shuttle pacing stallions.

Of course, the stallion owners have made it crystal clear over the past 12 months that any levy or tax introduced on stallion service fees will be passed on in one way or another to broodmare owners.


Yes, HRA is the keeper of the studbook and yes, they can charge fees but, in an environment when foal numbers are at all time low is this the answer?

And if this is to fund a SLOT Race?

 Really HRA?