Interesting read not always the number 1 stallion

The USTA Sire Statistics offer an invaluable insight on the sires of younger horses by providing rankings on average earnings per foal. After all, if you look at the raw numbers and see a first-crop stallion such as Wishing Stone with only $395,012, you might not be impressed. But if you realized that Wishing Stone had only 16 foals in 2015, it would make a difference.

The average earnings per foals shows that Wishing Stone ranks higher than many established stallions.

The leading trotting stallion is average earnings of 2-year-olds in 2017 is Chapter Seven, who edged out Muscle Hill and Cantab Hall.

If you look at average earnings of sophomore trotters this past sesason, you see the Muscle Hill predictably comes out on top but I’ll bet you’d be surprised who ranks second.

It is Archangel, the well-bred black son of Credit Winner that served a small book of mares in New York in his first season at age 4 before returning to the races as a 5-year-old. He then located to Canada and has bred about 250 over the last three seasons. Is the success of his first crop an omen for the future? We’ll see.

Again, it’s no surprise that Somebeachsomewhere is the top-ranked pacing stallion on average earnings of freshman pacers in 2017, but there’s a new boy in second place and he’s making noise like he wants to play in this league, too.

His name is A Rocknroll Dance and 51 of the 69 foals in his first crop raced in 2017 and they averaged almost $24,000 in earnings. I was a great admirer of this colt as he went one tough mile after another over three seasons. Like the Timex watches of the past, he took a licking and kept on ticking. So his success should not be surprising and it’s altogether fitting and proper—to borrow a quote from Abe Lincoln—-that his best son Lost In Time was developed by Jim Mulinix, who also brought out A Rocknroll Dance.

Breeders and yearling buyers are well advised to check out the average earnings per foal section on the USTA Sire Stats to get an objective appraisal of a stallion’s accomplishments.

Breeders and yearling buyers are also well advised to go after Muscle Hill and Somebeachsomewhere whenever possible. They’re the truly the Twin Kings of the Hill.