Breeding needs young people to get involved.


Now, before you all go, say that some studs have stallion parades.

Yes, I’ve seen some studs hosting stallion parades. But how many are actively engaging and showcasing their stallions to secure bookings? This is not just a marketing strategy, but a way to highlight the unique contributions of each stallion and the breeders and trainers behind them. It’s time for us to step up and actively participate in the industry we love.

The world is rapidly evolving. Breeders, our pillars, are aging, reducing their involvement, and even leaving us. The need for young blood in all three crucial areas-ownership, training, and breeding-has never been more pressing.

Imagine the possibilities if we could showcase the multifaceted aspects of breeding, such as collection, to these syndicate groups. By inviting them to bring their clients to an open day, we could ignite a spark of interest in the younger generation, potentially revitalising our industry.

Other avenue’s in harness racing, which is ripe with opportunities for young breeders. However, it’s crucial that we catch up in terms of education and breeding opportunities.

Our thoroughbred cousins do this well with scholarships and programs that allow young people to enter the breeding industry, like Fast Start. By providing similar resources in harness racing, we can empower and inform the next generation of breeders.

Harness Racing Australia collects levies on shuttle stallions and frozen seamen that they put towards one race, which has caused studmasters and breeders alike to complain. However, I’m sure the noise would settle down if this money was used to promote breeding scholarships.

Government funding would also be available to promote such programs.

With breeders, we have foals, racing stock, and turnover. It’s that simple.

Without them, we have none.

Nutrien is about to launch its Winter Wollies online sale, with over 100 lots. I’m sure there will be some lovely broodmares in that sale, even some already in foal. That’s an excellent place to start if you want to get involved.