New auction website launched.

New South Welshwoman Joanne Andersen and Karen Kemp built a site that could be used for free to buy sell and lease standardbreds, hence Harness Trading Ring was launched.

On Friday September 8, Andersen and Kemp, after a suggestion from a well regarded harness racing administrator and industry participants, the Harness Trading Ring Auction site is being launched. North America has a popular site called “On Gait”, The Kiwis have “” run by New Zealand Bloodstock Standardbreds division, and now Australia has Harness Racing Trading Ring Auctions.

“The project was six months in the making” Andersen told ASBA, “it took time to get the legal and financial side sorted and we also had to develop and test the site” she added.

There is no commission charged only a listing fee which includes a professional pedigree by West Australian pedigree expert Alan Parker. The developers take no part in the transaction; all correspondence is between seller & buyer.

The Auctions will be launched each Friday and run for 7 days till the following Friday. “We started with six standardbreds listed, but I’m sure that number will grow over time” Andersen said.

Listings are open to standardbred racing stock, yearlings, weanlings and broodmares, click here for the link to the website.